Salus Newsletter

  • Hope Finally arriving for HIV

    Scientists have cured living animals of HIV using CRISPR gene-editing, a new study claims. The virus remains elusive due to the its ability to hide away in latent reservoirs.  But now, in new research published this week, US scientists showed they could completely remove HIV DNA from human cells implanted into mice – preventing further Read More

  • Exposure to computer radiation

    EXPOSURE TO COMPUTER RADIATION   Let us begin by asking the salient question: Who doesn’t use a computer today? Who doesn’t have a cell phone? It will be very difficult to point one or two people who do not conform to the technological utilizing group. Another salient question goes forth: Are computers harmless? We all Read More

  • Cucumber – Exceptional Vegetable

    There are so many benefits embedded in having a cucumber and feasting on the goodness daily. In order to learn the educational values of this vegetable, it will be good for us not to focus on the carnal use of it. Consuming cucumber daily is healthy since it is made mostly. The low-calorie vegetable is Read More

  • What to ask when buying a Plan

    In recent times, there has been a lot of issues with  HMOs not meeting up with their promises as stated in the Health Plans they sell. This have prompted a general revolutionary awareness spare headed by Salus Trust, to make sure that consumers are not only getting the kinds of coverage they are paying for, but Read More